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Neck Heel

1. Three piece maple – Set neck construction technique

  • A. Effects string performance, tone, definition or articulation
  • B. Super rigid platform for the strings improves string performance
  • C. Maple material accentuates the highs and clarity
  • D. 3-piece lamination further enhances the sonic and structural benefits of maple
  • E. Has no cross lamination at heel
  • F. Allows for extended cutaways without sacrificing strength and performance
  • G . Eliminates need for added structural support at nut

2. Clarity of sound – Better sonic definition in context of band

3. Heel construction

  • A. Deep cut with three ply cap that transitions with side binding
  • B. Adds extra support for neck

4. Scale 24 3/4 scale

  • A. Has softer feel for bending
  • B. Slightly richer sound is produced by lower tension
  • C. Shorter neck is more rigid than longer scale – improves performance

5. Shape – C shape with a little more shoulder

  • A. Provides even back surface for sophisticated playing techniques
  • B. Added rigidity improves string performance
  • C. Adds to overall strength and stability

6. Dimensions

  • A.Width at nut – 1 11/16
  • B. Width at 24th fret – 2 1/4

7. Dual action steel truss rod

  • A. Dual action rod is very effective at removing irregularities
  • B. Steel truss rod combined with 3-piece maple neck provides excellent adjustability and stability.
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1. Seymour Duncan Blackout Active Pickups have higher output

  • A. 1 to 2 db hotter than typical active pickup. The greater sense of power comes from the expanded dynamic range.
  • B. Typically 6 to 10db hotter than passive pickups

2. Extended frequency range – Captures the extremes of tone

3. Un-scooped mids – Offers greater harmonic complexity and mid punch

4. Separate differential preamp with balanced inputs for each pickup

  • A. Reduces noise by 12 to 14db
  • B. Special shielding technique inside pickup housing
  • C. Allows for layers of harmonic overtones impossible with other pickups

5. Consistent tone when volume reduced – Doesn’t become dark sounding

  • A. Great for that extra sparkle needed for chorus and other effects

6. Sound is less compressed

  • A. Allows for more powerful dynamics and greater range of expression
  • B. Sound quality is more open and organic
  • C. Natural sonic quality of guitar is captured rather than compromised or altered

7. Matched pickup set – Compensates for and exploits the different string behavior created by varying string excursion at bridge and neck positions

  • A. Bridge pickup – Greater intensity for lead work Ceramic magnet for greater punch and grit Hotter coil output for more aggressive sound
  • B. Neck pickup Alnico 5 magnet – for improved warmth, depth, and articulation


1. Ebony Fingerboard

  • A. Dense grain quality enhances highs and maintains string energy
  • B. Adds to strength and stability of neck
  • C. Silky smooth surface reduces finger drag

2. Radius 12.6”

  • A. Flatter fingerboard allows for extreme bends on higher frets without killing the note.

3. Laser cut Pearloid inlay

  • A. Precision fit with ebony fingerboard

4. 24 Jumbo polished nickel silver frets

  • A. Allows for greater physical expression on bends with less drag
  • B. Nickel silver produces great tone and sustain
  • C. Will last through many fret jobs
  • D. Specs. similar to 6100 style

5. Binding – Three-ply with side piping

  • A. Covers fret tang slot – prevents finish flaking
  • B. Provides a softer feel with a rolled edge
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1. String anchors directly to bridge

  • A. Results in hot attack, long sustain, and harmonic complexity

2. steel saddles are rounded

  • A. No harsh corners on saddle edges
  • B. Focused contact surface with string creates strong response

3. Has broad top surface

  • A. Extra long throw for adjusting intonation
  • B. Ultra comfortable when muting strings or resting hand on bridge

4. Bridge is low profile A. Keeps mounting studs low – less energy lost

  • A. Keeps bridge close to body – looks integral to design
  • B. Lower stud height creates greater stability and hotter string performance

5. Aluminum construction

  • A. Resonant quality produces regenerative energy that flows back onto strings – adds to harmonic complexity
  • B. Is light weight

6. Magnetic assist

  • A. Imbedded magnets hold bridge in place when changing strings


1. Design – Consistent with body & inlay design – smaller size

  • A. 17 degree angle provides greater bearing pressure at nut and maintains string energy for greater attach and sustain
  • B.Smaller resonant surface absorbs less string energy
  • C. Reduced weight feels less neck- heavy
  • D. Converging gears allow for straighter string pull through nut
  • E. Shorter distance to string post equals greater bearing pressure

2. Three piece maple construction

  • A. Improved rigidity conserves string energy
  • B. Nature of maple enhances highs
  • C. Lamination further strengthens neck and improves performance
  • D. Improved strength eliminates need for added reinforcement such as Scarf joint or volute

3. Tusk nut

  • A. Has greater density than bone for more punch
  • B. Formulated to create tone-rich quality
  • C. Low friction surface prevents string binding
  • D. Provides tonal balance between fretted and open strings

4. Grover machine heads – 18 to 1 tuning ratio

  • A. Improves tuning accuracy
  • B. Holds pitch
  • C. Permanently lubricated
  • D. Keeps out dust and dirt
  • E. Button design super comfortable – no sharp corners

5. Truss rod is adjustable at nut



1. Body design

  • A. Carved maple top is significant factor in performance
  • B. Double extended cutaways give full access to the 24th fret
  • C. Three piece nato body – forms center spine with neck Nato has performance qualities similar to mahogany
  • D. Exotic quilted maple overlay on top
  • E. Mahogany overlay on back

2. Arch under bridge – violin style

  • A. Violin-style carved top adds extra mass under bridge for improved string performance
  • B. Raised bridge height for extra playing comfort

3. Depth of 1 7/8 from top and back edge of binding

  • A. Produces extra rigidity for aggressive string response

4. 5-ply reverse black binding with side piping

  • A. Protects edges of body
  • B. Serves to define the unique body geometry

5. Finish – polyurethane

  • A. Super durable
  • B. Produces incredible luster
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1. 2 volume controls

  • A. Biasing the volume between bridge and neck pickups takes advantage of extreme mechanical tone differences between the different pickup placement. The volume controls act as the ultimate tone control.
  • B. When you increase the bridge volume, you are also increasing the intensity or aggressive nature of the sound. A regular tone control doesn’t alter the sonic character of the sound, only the tone.
  • C. Audio taper for even boost though out it’s range

2. Tone control

  • A. Adjusts overall tone of signal

3. Three way toggle switch – selects individual pickup or both

4. Steel 4-screw jack plate

  • A. Stronger than plastic plates

5. Separate 9 volt battery compartment

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